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So how does a coaching work?

I accompany and support you on the path of change. A kind of “tool case” helps me with this. These are - for example - certain questioning techniques and methods that I use to track down what your goals and resources are. And also,
what obstacles there are still blocking new paths.
The coaching is interactive. we work together on your solutions.

I support you in taking on new perspectives.

At the end we will find out which path is the best for you and together we will create a plan for how you can successfully follow this path.

My offer is aimed at everyone who wants to change something. Coaching can be an opportunity for everyone. The professional career and the educational path play no role.

Who do I coach?

My coaching offer for you ...

Professional reorientation or reorientation

You are satisfied in your job, but somehow something is missing? Wondering if you should try something new but still don't know what it could be? Or: You are dissatisfied and want to change, but ask where you are headed?

Let's talk!

Next career step

Is your career stalling or not making good progress? Are you ready for the next step, but you don't yet know how to find and take the right path?

Let's talk!

Work-life balance

Is your professional and private life no longer in harmony? Do you have the feeling that you are no longer doing this justice to such an extent that you still feel good about it? Do you feel drained and exhausted? We find a way.

Let's talk!

Self-employment vs. permanent employment

Have you often thought of starting your own business, but you are not entirely sure? You'd love to try it, but what if it goes wrong? Am I ready to give up on security and take the risk? Do you have these or similar thoughts?

Let's talk!

Strengths and potential analysis

Are you wondering what you're really good at? And how do you affect others? Or: What else could you really enjoy and enjoy in your job? We all have talents! But which one can you expand? Do you have a passion that you would like to turn into a career?

Let's talk!

Self-realization in the job

Do you have the feeling that you have both feet on the ground in your professional life, but feel slowed down by your surroundings? Would you like to develop freely in your work, try new things and do what is good for you? Would you like to make better use of your energy and skills, but you don't yet know where and how?

Let's talk!

Conflicts, salary negotiations, promotions, team leadership, there is always something!

Do you have a conflict with colleagues, superiors, employees or even the whole team? The next salary negotiation / promotion round is pending and this time you want to achieve your goal? Or do you want to become a manager, but you are not sure whether this is really right for you? Or are you a manager but want to further develop your skills?

Let's talk!

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