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.Empathic. Authentic. Appreciative

If you always do what you´ve always done, you´ll always get what you´ve always got.- Henry Ford



My professional life began with a classic apprenticeship as an office clerk followed by a degree in human resource management. In 2011 I made my entry into HR in London and started out as a headhunter in HR consulting.


Working with different people and customers immediately cast a spell on me, so that over the years I was still active as a recruitment manager in various companies and industries. Most recently at Abbott GmbH, where I was responsible for consulting, training and coaching executives, among other things.


After several years of work in the HR department, I felt the urge to change my career again, since the coaching already accompanied me professionally and was very interested, I decided to complete a systemic coaching training alongside my work.


The new world of work (also known as New Work) also made me curious, so I decided to add an agile coach training course, which gave me deep insights into the agile world of work. Here I perceived the role of managers from a different perspective.


In 2021 I decided to terminate my permanent employment contract and take the plunge into self-employment as an interim recruitment manager and career coach and consultant. I am the mother of a little boy and therefore I know the balancing act between work and family very well. Together we create our everyday family life, nobody gets neglected.


I am a passionate runner and enjoy spending free time in nature. I like to cook and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Mein Ansatz
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